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*Makey Makey certified training partner
*Lego Robotics Certified Instructor
*Alpha Squirrel
*Quality Matters Certified

*Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
*Masters Curriculum and Foundations Technology Education



Mrs. Geeky a.k.a. Laurie Green
Laurie works for BootUp Professional Development, a non-profit organization that supports professional development initiatives providing students access to important 21st-century skills – particularly girls and under represented minority students. BootUp has teamed with Amazon Future Engineers to bring Computer Science to more than a 1000 schools. To learn more and apply click here

During her nearly 30 years of working in the Technology Education field,  Laurie has become a  recognized speaker, curriculum consultant, and workshop leader.  Her experiences have included serving on the keynote panel for Learning 2.0 in Shanghai, China, a Keynote speaker for the Maths and Science conference in Queensland, Australia, and presenting at various conferences throughout the United States including ISTE and OETC. . She is  a Certified LEGO Robotics Instructor, Quality Matters Certified,  Makey Makey Certified trainer, and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator  Additionally she served as a volunteer for FIRST for 10 years including 3 years as a regional director for the Cleveland, Ohio FIRST Lego League robotics competitions.  Laurie taught at Cleveland public schools and Laurel School for Girls. Subsequently she was the online learning coordinator for PBS ideastream®, conducted numerous workshops for Western Reserve Education Services PBS , taught at Cleveland State University and currently works with the Kent State University Research Center for Educational Technology in their AT and T Classroom. Laurie enjoys developing customized professional development experiences for faculty and staff.  Additionally Laurie has had a special interest in helping schools provide environments that nurture girls interests in science and technology.

Laurie holds a Bachelors in Business from The Ohio State University, a Masters Degree from Cleveland State University in Curriculum and Foundations with a focus on Technology Education, and a post graduate certificate in Computational Thinking from The University of Pennsylvania.

Highlights of previous presentations and workshops

OETC (Ohio Education Technology Conference)
Columbus, Oh | Feb 13, 2019
Session Title: GET SMART! Avoid KAOS! Take CONTROL! Robotics, text and AI

OETC (Ohio Education Technology Conference)
Columbus, Oh | Feb 13, 2019
Session Title: Coding, Programming and Robotics in Grades preK-6, Oh My!

OTEEA Robotics Workshop | Marion, Oh |Nov 10, 2018
Session Title: Elementary Robotics and Coding Workshop

Northwest Ohio Symposium on STEM Teaching
Bowling Green State University | Nov 17, 2018

Session Title:  Screen Free coding for K-2 with Bee and Blue Bot

GIRLS 4STEAM | Kent State University |Nov 30, 2018
Guest speaker |  “Chic to be Geek” 
Workshop session | Paper Circuits and the Engineering Design process

ISTE, Chicago, Illinois |June 2018
Workshop session |  “Make”ing it Possible-Makerspaces explained

The University of Texas at Tyler | March 30, 2017
Guest speaker | Millennial Students and Digital Distractions

Learning 2.0 Shanghai China
2010 Workshop Leader

2008 Workshop Leader
2007 Keynote Panel, Workshop Leader

Australian Council for Computers in Education, Canberra, Australia | 2008
Driving into Hands-on Technology Integration: Meet Pro-Bot , the latest in LOGO technology

STAQ conference at the University of Queensland, Australia | 2007
Keynote and Workshop Leader

AAUW |  Be Wise Camp | Granville, Ohio | 2007
Robotics and Girls | Speaker and workshop leader

Concordia International School, Shanghai, China | 2006 
Conducted school wide needs assessment, submitted summary report and recommendations, worked 1-1 with staff on tech integration within the classroom.

NECC ,  Philadelphia , Pennsylvania | 2005
“Latest and Greatest in Freeware, Shareware, and Software”

NECC, Atlanta Georgia | 2000
“Postcard Geography : A Crossroad for Technology and Geography
Co Presenter with Leni Donlan, Library of Congress

ISACS Conference,  Chicago, Illinois | 2000
Technotips for the Technophobic Teacher

OAIS Regional Workshop, Painesville, Oh | 2000
Postcard Geography: A Crossroad for Technology and Geography


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