*Makey Makey certified training partner
*Lego Robotics Certified Instructor
*Alpha Squirrel
*Quality Matters Certified
*Raspberry Pi Certified Educator
*INFOhio Coach
*ISTE Administration PLN board member
*Masters Curriculum and Foundations-Technology Education

Mrs. Geeky a.k.a. Laurie Green

Laurie has been working in technology and education for almost 30 years. She holds a Masters Degree from Cleveland State University in Curriculum and Foundations with a focus on Technology Education, and a Bachelors in Business from The Ohio State University. A recognized speaker, curriculum consultant, and workshop leader, her experiences have included serving on the keynote panel for Learning 2.0 in Shanghai, China, a Keynote speaker for the Maths and Science conference in Queensland, Australia, and presenting at various conferences throughout the United States including ISTE and OETC. Her expertise as a Technology Integration specialist was recently recognized by Squirrels® and was accepted into their Alpha Squirrel class. She is  a Certified LEGO Robotics Instructor, Quality Matters Certified,  INFOhio Coach  Makey Makey Certified trainer, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, and serves on the ISTE PLN Admin committee.  Additionally she served as a volunteer for FIRST for 10 years including 3 years as a regional director for the Cleveland, Ohio FIRST Lego League robotics competitions.  Laurie has taught at the Laurel School for Girls, was the online learning coordinator for PBS ideastream®, taught at the  Cleveland public schools, and Cleveland State University and is an adjunct professor for Ashland University.

Laurie enjoys developing customized professional development experiences for faculty and staff.  Additionally Laurie has had a special interest in helping schools provide environments that nurture girls interests in science and technology.  Laurie works with  Western Reserve Educational Services PBS where she keeps her finger on the pulse of emergent technologies, trends,  and the role they play in education. Her role includes conducting workshops and organizing community outreach related to technology education.


iPad allows verbally disabled to talk

Educational technology conference keeps attendees one step ahead

Technology in the Classroom | The Sound of Ideas | WCPN – Cleveland

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