Back to School Tip -Label those cords

The Tip:

Are the number of educational technology resources growing in your classroom or home?  Going a little crazy trying to keep all those cords with the right items?  I like to use file labels to identify the cord and what it goes with.  Besides the obvious organizational perk,  labeling the cords are a great way to support a print rich environment.  Numbering the resources and cords is a great way to show the value of numbers and math everywhere.  I love finding “subliminal”  ways to show numbers are an important part of everyday life.   Children also learn to be responsible by ensuring the proper cord is with the matching resources.

Getting it done: 

 I like to use the labels designed for file folder labels. I type the name of the item ie “MaKey MaKey cord 1” twice so when I fold it over it shows on both sides.  You could also just type the name on one end of the label and number on the other end and fold over.

For me, I like to use the Avery online label software simply because I can buy the labels at my local office supply store then can design with their online software and send to the printer.  Word of caution,  when you are using their software. When designing your label the default is Edit All, which means what you type in the first label in the template populates to all. I switch to Edit One if  no 2 labels will be the same. If there will be some commonalities with the labels I start with Edit all then switch to Edit one to customize each one.  Also when you go to print it saves as a PDF then you print the PDF file created.


A little work up front but reduces inventory loss, and provides opportunities for working reading, math, responsibility  and organizational skills into your home or learning environment.





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