Duct Tape

You can make anything with Duct Tape!  And now you can get Duct Tape in all kinds of patterns, colors, and styles.  Grab some Duct Tape and Cardboard and have a family invention night! 

Duck Brand, Mrs. Geeky’s favorite maker of Duct Tape is located in Avon, Ohio. They create the most creative Duck Tape, including glow in the dark Duct Tape.  Check out all there super cool styles here. They even have a Duck Tape organizer!
(they do not sell direct but if you see something you like, they will tell you where you can buy it.)

Duct Tape Ideas 
Duck Brand  You will lots of ideas and inspiration here!
Instructables  Look here for inspiration. Mrs. Geeky cautions-don’t get hung up on directions, get inspiration and come up with your own idea and design.

Start a Duct Tape Network!
I love this program. Great ideas and guidance if you want to start a neighborhood group, after school, or organization. Great ideas you could implement at a family get together, picnic, or block party.
Created by students at the MIT Media Lab I love this organization and you will too! Click here to learn more.

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