Once again, iTIP Ohio is  running their ITIP Ohio Summit “featuring Google Education”. Who is iTIp? Why do they not show up on an average google search that links directly to their organization? I do not get  links directly to their site except from very specific Ohio Ed Tech Agencies, but not all. The truth of the matter is this. Your tax dollars pay to fund 8 Ohio Ed Tech Agencies whose purpose is to “provide services that optimize the use of classroom technologies to improve student and school staff performance.”  Your tax dollars pay for this service.  Several are housed at PBS stations that act as fiscal agents for these Ed Tech Agencies.  Enter ITIP.  ITIP was formed independently by a subgroup of EdTech Agencies.  In fact, everyone on the board of this non-profit organization is a Director of an Ed Tech Agency. Well with the exception of one person.  That person did work for an EdTech Agency, but moved to the private sector and remains on the board.  In fact the board has never changed since its inception.  (with the exception of an addition of one person who shockingly works for an EdTech Agency)  However my question is this.  Why did this subgroup of EdTech Agencies choose to form another non-profit that competes directly with the mission our tax dollars fund them to do.  Why can’t our Ohio Ed Tech Agencies join forces and put on this annual conference? Call me silly but seems like a conflict of interest to me.    Just making sure my tax dollars are managed and being used effectively.

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