Name NASA’s next Mars 2020 Rover!

NASA is planning to send another Rover to Mars in July 2020, and they need your student’s help.  The Rover needs a name!  Use this contest as a jumping board for a unit of study on Space or Astronomy.  With the launch proposed for July 2020, a class could follow events throughout the school year as it gets closer to launch.  Opportunities for writing, research, math and science integration abound. Students can provide a weekly update on the Rover’s progress as it gets ready for its big trip.  NASA provides an abundance of resources on Mars 2020 you can use with your class.  Public, Private, and Homeschoolers are encouraged to enter the contest to name the Rover.  The contest is divided into three categories, K-4, 5-8, and 9-12.  Students will be asked to submit the proposed name along with a short essay explaining why their name should be chosen.  

Click here to learn more about Mars Rover 2020 and the naming contest.

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