NEOTech 19

Over the past 10 years NEOTech has grown quietly from its humble beginnings to one of the premiere technology integration conferences in Ohio. The success can be traced back to its organic growth combined with a dedicated planning committee comprised of educators from local schools. Having a committee who understands first hand the demands on educators and the need to keep it real is the key to their success. Congratulations NEOTech on your 10th anniversary and continuing to meet the needs of educators in this ever changing world of technology integration!

As the conference has grown so have the number of amazing sessions. Sometimes it can be hard to choose which ones to go to. Following are some sessions that caught my eye….due to the topic combined with the presenter whose sessions I have attended before. So if you are having trouble deciding on a session I have put together this list where I am pretty sure you can’t go wrong.

9:10 Nyzen’s Top 10 Tools used in Science
Kelly Nyzen
Room 24

10:10 Utilizing Mastery Learning in Your Classroom
Dave Binkley
Room 24

11:10 Coding with CodeMonkey Computational Thinking in Grades K-4
Kristen Fudale
Room 19

12:10 More Learning, Less Memorizing: Vocabulary Activities
Susan Martin
Room 18

1:10 Ed Camp How are Makerspaces changing your school
Tamara Dugan
Room 17

1:10 Peace, Love, Tech & Mindfulness
Angela Wojtecki and Annette Lang
Room 25 C

2:10 The Web Resource Hoarder- Too Many Resources, Too Little Time
Anthony Luscre
Room 23

Do you have a session you would like to recommend? please email Mrs.Geeky