Paper Circuits

Looking for a great family activity that incorporates fun and learning for everyone?
How about Paper Circuits?  Introducing your family to paper circuits opens up a whole new world to creativity, learning, and down right fun.  Be sure to send me your creations and I can post them on the website!

The beauty of this project is it is inexpensive, and most of the materials can be found easily nearby.  Materials can be ordered online as well.  I am including a paper circuits guide book from   which is a great, easy to use guide to not only get started but takes you step by step to build upon each activity.  Print this guide out, hole punch, (sheet protectors optional) and you will have a great resource for family fun for many nights to come.

The minimum materials you will need:
Copper tape -can be found at the larger hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. It is often  referred to as Slug and Snail Copper Tape.  Can be ordered online through such vendors as  Amazon. If you search Copper Tape online you will get many hits with options to purchase.

Coin cell battery (3v)  I got mine 2 for $1.00 at where else, the dollar store. Best deal in town. Hardware stores and even pharmacies typically carry these, but darn, the Dollar Tree was the best deal. Did you know you can order online from the dollar tree? I don’t work for them, but I sure do love them!

LED –5mm or 10mm 

So this was the one item I had a hard time finding locally and found easier to order online. If you find a store that sells these locally please let me know, click here and email me. Amazon had several nice options.  Order lots. Once you and your kids get going, you will be glad you have lots of lights. Good news, they are relatively inexpensive.


Template for Paper Circuit. (paper_circuits_for_makerspaces__1_ (3)see handout)