Pi Day

Math is so cool and Pi Day is a great way to
celebrate math in your classroom.  Here are some ideas to help
your classroom celebrate Pi Day!

Follow the adventure of Sir circumference and Radius in the book Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi  by Wayne Geehan and Cindy Neuschwander. Appropriate for elementary ages.

Why not have some Pi for Pi Day! Bakers Square is offering $2.00 off any whole pie, March 13-14. Pi symbols on the double crusted fruit pies!



TeachPi.org has more than

50 fun ideas to help you celebrate Pi Day in the classroom. This is a real treasure trove of resources..


Celebrate Pi, numbers, and math with this clever song and  video from the group Trout Fishing in America.  After showing the video ask your students why the singer could not complete the division problem at the end. For even more fun challenge them to count the wheels like Ezra did. (in Roman Numerals) This video is great for any age don’t let the beginning fool you.

This is a great activity, easy to do and lots of fun. Challenge other classrooms and see what class will make the longest Paper Pi Chain.  Or maybe your school will break the world record!

NASA has a great website with lots of resources and ideas to help your class celebrate Pi Day. Have your class take the  2019 NASA Pi Day Challenge, an “illustrated math problem set that gets students solving the same problems scientists and engineers do to explore space. Answers to the 2019 challenge will be revealed on March 15. “