Integrating the right resources for successful content delivery and differentiated learning is critical.  Sometimes integrating technology is the best choice, or it may be a book, video, hands on activity, or a combination of all of these.  My workshops focus on helping educators leverage technology tools within the curriculum and combine with other resources to maximize learning.  Not using tech for tech sake. With nearly 30 years experience in technology education, I provide a wide range of services.  For more information  email me  and we can discuss how I can work with your school, conference or other educational venue.  

Drawing upon my experience as a classroom teacher, technology coordinator, and consultant I will work with you to develop workshops, training, or consulting that will be meaningful and beneficial for your specific educational setting.   

Contact me for an interactive, engaging keynote with audience participation. Gone are the days of someone standing up front with a passive audience.

Professional Development Courses
Studies show that ongoing professional development has the greatest efficacy. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, including blended learning courses, webinars, and ongoing support onsite. Lets craft a Professional Development Course for your staff customized to your needs.

Arrangements can be made for graduate credit for certain workshops and courses.

Highlights of Previous Presentations

The University of Texas at Tyler | March 30, 2017
Guest speaker | Millennial Students and Digital Distractions

Learning 2.0 Shanghai China
2010 Workshop Leader

2008 Workshop Leader
2007 Keynote Panel, Workshop Leader

Australian Council for Computers in Education, Canberra, Australia | 2008
Driving into Hands-on Technology Integration: Meet Pro-Bot , the latest in LOGO technology

STAQ conference at the University of Queensland, Australia | 2007
Keynote and Workshop Leader

AAUW |  Be Wise Camp | Granville, Ohio | 2007
Robotics and Girls | Speaker and workshop leader

Concordia International School, Shanghai, China | 2006 
Conducted school wide needs assessment, submitted summary report and recommendations, worked 1-1 with staff on tech integration within the classroom.

NECC ,  Philadelphia , Pennsylvania | 2005
“Latest and Greatest in Freeware, Shareware, and Software”

NECC, Atlanta Georgia | 2000
“Postcard Geography : A Crossroad for Technology and Geography
Co Presenter with Leni Donlan, Library of Congress