Timeline 3D

Beeline’s  Timeline 3D, available FREE for the Mac,  and $9.99 for iOS  is an amazing interactive timeline tool that would work great in any classroom.  Easy to insert pictures, and text,  and customize.  Allows for hyperlinking increasing its interactivity abilities.This would be great in a 1 iPad classroom,  projecting up on the board with a tool like Reflector, and creating a 3D timeline together with students.   Can be easily integrated across all subject areas making it a must have in any educators toolbox.

Flexible integration across subject areas
Blank Slate (no ceiling, no basement)
Ease of Use
Group or Individual Use





This app is amazing. Book a flight, send the confirmation to your Tripit.  Book a hotel? Send that email confirmation to your Tripit. Tripit puts all the deatils of your reservaitons in chronolical order, with an easy to read oragnizer. All the details you will need to have a stress fee vacation are located in one easy to read place.

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iPad as…..

Have you ever said “I want my students to use the iPad as?”  Most likely you have. Check out EdTechTeachers app resources which categorizes apps in this unique way.  I want my students to; record and edit video, annotate notes, create presentations, study, tell digital stories………….